Associations Today featuring Ralph Johnson | Tiered Pricing for Associations | September 2017

http://www.marybyers.comTiered pricing is a mainstay in the for-profit world—and it’s a topic you should be talking about for your association now.The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association launched tiered pricing in 2016. The result? A membership increase of 11.5%! (Yes, you read that right.) CVMA lets members “choose their adventure” via three membership tiers. I interviewed Ralph Johnson, CEO of CVMA this month so that you can learn about their journey—and why you might want to follow their lead.

Associations Today featuring Amith Nagarajan | Artificial Intelligence & Associations | August 2017 According to Amith Nagarajan, Chairman of Rasa, “Artificial intelligence is not the future, it is today.” What’s that mean for associations? Find out in this month’s interview. Hint: It’s a HUGE opportunity for your organization to engage with members—and isn’t that what every associations is looking for? Take twelve minutes to jumpstart your thinking about the future of association/member interaction.

Associations Today featuring Chris Urena | "Freemium" As Strategy | June 2017

http://www.marybyers.comIn this month's interview, find out how Chris Urena and the education team at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association used 15 free webinars over 15 months to increase participation -- and product more than $400,000 in revenue from the sale of other learning products.

Associations Today featuring Ed Wojcicki | Embracing Difficult Conversations | April 2017

http://www.marybyers.comThis month’s interview features Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Ed and I talked about the counter-intuitive strategy of running toward difficult conversations rather than away from them, a concept his association has embraced in the face of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Instead of refusing to talk, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police has reached out to organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Ed shares what’s resulted—including the valuable concept of developing shared principles.

Associations Today with Mary Byers, CAE | February 2017 Join me for a conversation with Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development for the Indiana University Alumni Association to learn how the organization is serving alumni at all stages—from new graduates to retirees. You’ll learn about the innovative services the association has added to its member benefits and the unique way the organization is collaborating to enhance both expertise and effectiveness.

Associations Today with Mary Byers, CAE | October 2016 Moira Edwards, CAE, president, Ellipsis Partners, does a great job explaining the three ways technology supports association work. She also covers how to create an environment that promotes innovation through technology; why technology isn't just for the IT department; and what you need to know before you join the growing number of association that have a learning management system.

Associations Today with Mary Byers, CAE | September 2016

http://www.marybyers.comThis month I talked to Joy Duling, the genius behind, about growing your membership without marketing. Joy addresses the role of magnetism and how it simplifies recruitment and retention efforts.

Mary Byers, CAE | The Secondary Benefit of Strategic Planning What’s more important: the consensus that emerges as a result of strategic planning or the connections participants make with one another? Planning participants tell me it’s both.Something special happens when you bring people together to chart a course for an organization. Thoughtful planning ahead of time enhances the experience for everyone. More importantly, you’ll emerge not only with a strong plan but new relationships and connections.This video covers how to maximize both of these benefits.

Associations Today with Mary Byers, CAE | June 2016

http://www.marybyers.com62% of associations are experiencing flat or declining membership according to Sarah Sladek, CEO of XYZ University and author of Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now. That’s a scary statistic! Are you going to let this happen to your organization or are you rolling up your sleeves and working to prevent it?In this month’s interview, Sarah shares how the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas not only reversed a declining membership but increased by 200%! The irony is that focusing on young professionals reenergized the entire organization.

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