QuestionsRadical change starts with questions. Questions lead to conversations. And conversations unearth possibilities for your organization. Here are a few conversation starters to consider with your staff and volunteer leadership:

  • What is the condition of your technology infrastructure — has it been maintained and upgraded appropriately?
  • What percentage of your budget is allocated to maintenance, testing, and development of your information and communication technologies?
  • Do you have a current organization-wide plan for technology (including paying for continuing education in order to learn about emerging technologies)? If so, is it being followed?
  • Do you have adequate staff (size and expertise) to ensure you’re keeping up with the rapid advances in technology?
  • Would you benefit from partnering long-term with a technology consultant to supplement current staff or provide the expertise unavailable on staff?
  • Are you paying adequate attention to the growing potential of information and communication technologies to add value to membership?
  • Are you allocating resources to the development and testing of new programs, services, and delivery mechanisms?
  • Where are resources being allocated with marginal return?