“Millennials aren’t attending our meetings.” I hear this frequently. But maybe it’s because your meeting isn’t interesting? Research shows that millennials recognize the value of live events.

Jeff Hurt, of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, offers these tips to encourage millennial participation. Though his tips were written some time ago, they still have merit.

If millennials aren’t attending your meeting, maybe it’s time for a refresh?

Growth Predicted in Face-to-Face Meetings

Small growth is predicted for conference and trade show attendance this year. How you can you ensure that your association is part of this trend?

Three things to think seriously about:

  • Refuse to be complacent in your planning. Always be experimenting with new events and approaches.
  • Work to refresh. Don’t wait until your numbers start to drop before you refresh your event. People get bored easily. Keep things interesting.
  • Attend other meetings. Get outside your comfort zone—and your industry—to see what other meeting planners are doing. The Professional Convention Management Association does a great job modeling possibilities at their meetings. It’s worth the investment in your meeting to experience theirs.