conversationThe Oklahoma State Medical Association recently convened a Young Physician Focus Group to discuss strategies for keeping organized medicine active and relevant in the lives of young doctors. The goal was to develop a small, geographically diverse focus group of young physician leaders to help OSMA identify specific needs, programs and services useful to younger physicians in their practices whether they work in small private practices, as members of a large integrated practice, or as employed by a large group practice or a hospital.

Some of the ideas discussed included making legal advice available on practice issues, including employment and insurance contract negotiations, and a job bank to help unemployed physicians find new employment opportunities. The association also learned that the time constraints of a traditional tele/videoconference are a difficult barrier for young physicians to overcome. Consequently, the association’s next interaction with its young leaders will be through a virtual meeting format.

Questions that present challenges to physicians who are new in their clinical practices will be posted to start a virtual dialogue on developing best practices to address these issues. The virtual nature of the conversation will allow participants time to formulate their thoughts and, more importantly, respond on their own time schedule. Ultimately, the goal is to create a productive and interactive virtual dialogue with young leaders and OSMA now has 18 enthusiastic young physicians willing to engage and interact online with their colleagues on a variety of leadership and practice topics.

What kinds of conversations are you having with your younger members?